Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Review of Bullet Witch

So recently Russ and I bought an Xbox 360 because his old, original drive Xbox finally bit the dust. We also got a Blockbuster membership under my name so we could start renting things again, as he owes late fees to every movie rental place in town. Unfortunately, the Blockbuster closest to us has a pretty lame selection of games and movies, and in wanting to try to pick up more 360 games to try I snagged Bullet Witch.

It had a female character who seemed to kick butt, demons, magic, and a bigass gun, so it must be decent, right?

Wrong. Bullet Witch, to put it simply, is an awful game. Which is a bit sad, because the concept is kind of cool. The game play is a bit clunky at best, and the level layouts are awful and repetitive. I didn't even continue playing after the second level. Why, you ask? Because it took me one hour and forty five minutes to complete the second level. I would hazard that twenty or more of those minutes were spent just running around like a complete moron, totally unsure of where to go next. The level construction is really simplistic and repetitive as well; You run around and shoot demons, heal the occasional human, and kill the floating brains that are the source of the colored shields that keep you out of certain areas. Then you do the same thing over again to open up another area of the level, with the occasional tank you have to bomb with a lightning spell. That's really all it is.

Skip it, unless you're OCD and desperate for the gamer points. They're fairly easy to get (10 for completing a level, some number for completing the game on easy, hard, and chaos and maybe another setting or two) but it really wears thin fast enough to not be worth your time. Go pick up Dead Rising or something, there are plenty of amusing achievements to get and they're worth a bit more.

All in all, I'd say 2.5 out of 5.0 quills.

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Michael said...

The name alone should have been enough to warn you off. "Bullet Witch"? Might as well be "AK-47 Strippers" or "Chicks in Chainmail" or something :p

Good to see you posting again :)