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House Bjorn of Midgard

Here is a sampling of Silver Empire's Sjavik City book, from the noble families section I have been working on for the last couple of days.


Hiskapær Bjorn:

The Bear Lords are an old family, from the forests near the southern border of Midgard. Before the Konungr’s family conquered all the other kings and unified Midgard, they ruled over much of the southern end of the country, and even part of the Dwarves’ country when they were more interested in their caves than the land above. When the Konungr’s ancestors raided into their land, they drove them back for several years before the winters grew too deep for them to survive the armies camping their borders and blocking their supplies. The Konungr named them the Bear Lords for their stubbornness and the great grizzly bears that roamed their country. As the first family conquered by the Konungrs, they declared the bear lords as their right hand, and for many of the past centuries they have been second to only the king and his family in power. They have taken up their primary residence in Sjavik, with the younger and lesser sons of their house keeping up their old seat in southern Midgard. Sjavik rests on the sea, and gives them great chances for glory by joining the army or using their political clout to gain longships.

The original Bjorn estate is deep in the forests near the southern border of Midgard, but only distant family resides in it now. The Thengill and his immediate family live in a great wood house, at the foot of Konungrhlíð. The oldest daughter lives in Thingollr with her husband. They financially support several longships other than the Riverrider, and often have a hand in regulating trade. Guðrun also deals with many of the fruit shipments from her native country of Apalstrond, and they reap the monetary benefits from that.

They call their home Hásæti (Seat of Honour) to denote their ancient and powerful hold within the hierarchy in Midgard. It is a city house, with very few green grounds other than a few hardy fruit trees and prickly bushes. The inside of the home is filled with old and expensive furniture made by the most skilled of woodworkers, and boasts a dozen rooms laid out over two stories. The lower level of the house is built with stone, and an impressive carving of an incensed grizzly bear is etched into the heavy oak door. For a map of Hásæti for any quests, see the Maps section of the city book.

Gamall, Thengill Bjorn

The current head of Hiskapaer Bjorn is Gamall, called Nine-finger by the men under him. His fourth finger on his left hand he cut off when he was bit by an Ormr while battling it on his family estate as a young man. Ormrs are deathly poisonous, and so when a single fang glanced the finger he wasted no time in slicing it off. He is a lauded monster-hunter, choosing that for his honorable battle rather than sailing across the seas. He is a large man, almost 6’6”, which is also a trait of his family that contributed to their name. He has slain Grendels, Ormrs, and Hel beasts. He is most famous, however, for slaying the great Kraken of the Kaldr Sea. He sailed into the bay around Sjavik on his younger brother’s ship and a hold full of his best warriors, including his son and the then Thengill Elgr. The great Kraken was hundreds of years old and sinking any ships that tried to enter the port city. Gamall slew the kraken after a great battle that lasted all night long, and was awarded the name Krakenbane.


The younger brother of Gamall, Anund joined his brother on the monster quests when he was a child. He joined the army, and won great renown in the war with the dwarves. He and his son Alrekr were chosen to defend the king himself. For more on Anund and Alrekr, see the King’s Guard section.


Gamall’s other brother, Ketill is the captain of the Riverrider. After his father’s death, the king awarded him with the longship for his long service in the navy. He is a military man, and never married. Ketill took Gamall out on the Riverrider to fight the Kaldr Kraken, and is well respected by the shipwright’s family and the other ship captains.


Guðrun is Gamall’s wife, a stern and noble lady from Apalstrond that he met when he was hunting a monster down on the apple coast. She was a pretty girl in her youth, but her looks have only enhanced the older she has become. She is highly respected in the city, and a fairly fierce warrior in her own right, when it comes to it.


Iarngerð is the oldest daughter of Gamall and Guðrun. She is married to Ofeig of Thingollr, and has three sons named Hrafn, Eilif, and Egill. Hrafn is the heir to Thengill Bjorn unless Iarngerð’s parents have another son.


Guðmundr is the second child and first son. He was originally the Bjorn heir, but he was one of the warriors that Gamall took into his battle with the Great Kraken, but he fell overboard at some point in the battle and has never been seen again. Most assume that he drowned or was eaten by the Kraken.


Finna is the third child in the immediate Bjorn family. She is a pretty girl of about fifteen, and currently unmarried. Gamall is said to be trying to find her a good match, unless she finds one for herself. But being a shy girl, her parents think it is best to pick a suitable warrior for her.


Harald is Gamall’s other son, who died in an accident recently. He was still fairly young, only twelve winters old, and with his death the title of Thengill will pass onto Gamall’s grandson Hrafn, unless Guðrun gives birth to another son, which is not likely because of her age.


Still needs some editing, of course, and the layout in the actual book will be different, but that is the general information for House Bjorn. Any other suggestions for more information to be added?

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