Tuesday, February 6, 2007

In Progress

I thought I'd post a quick update on works I've got in progress and planned. I've been waging war on a major case of writer's block for the past week or two (as in, unable to write just about anything, not just on a certain piece) and thats part of the reason for the lack of updates, although I have been trying to get one in at least every week. So here is a list of the many projects I am working on. :)

Short stories in Progress:

The Queen's Gate : An elven gate captain waits in the darkness for the overwhelming invasion of his city.

Morning Star: (name may change) When the majority of his servants are killed by a plague, vampire Damien Gaebael takes in a little orphan human girl.

Books in Progress:

Beast Child: My main focus for right now, I am thrilled that I have an entire outline and close to 13,000 words written on it. The Beast, returned to his human form, psychologically morphs back into the beast when his beloved beauty dies.

Blade of Fate/To The End of Tomorrow: My two book fantasy series. A bit complicated to explain, but this one is effectively on the back burner for a while.

Planned/In Outline Stage Books:

Oceanborn: In Hans Christian Anderson's original tale The Little Mermaid, the mermaid is assumed to be dumb because she is mute, and the Prince marries another woman. In this adult fairytale, what if the same happens, but because of her beauty he takes her as a mistress? And when she dies, leaving behind twins, the story follows her children and the curse the mermaids put on the danish Prince for his abuse of their youngest sister.

Some Enchanted Evening: A modern, twisted Cinderella tale; A man and a woman who barely know each other are possessed by ancient, angry ghosts determined to have their happy ending.

Music of The Night: A down on his luck violin player meets a girl who everyone insists is a vampire. With his family falling apart because of his brother's behavior, he turns to a mysterious and underground night world, and gets sucked too far into it.

Serenity City: Victoria Westerdale is a super-powered human, one of many in Serenity City. But there are no comic book superheros here-- only people interested in their own game. A mature, gritty superhero novel I hope to turn into a graphic novel someday.

Santieran: The story of a fictional royal family who rules over a large island, and their downfall due to jealousy, manipulation, and obsession.

There is also an unnamed historical novel about pirates in the works, and an endless amount of other ideas. These are just the most defined. Sorry they are a little vague, but I want to keep the main plot points and story ideas under wraps until I actually have something written on them.

I also work for the start-up company Silver Empire, and I am working on the Sjavik City Book, The Thrudheim Campaign setting, and the sequel to the "Ghost of the Frost Giant King" adventure that will be coming out in the next month or so. I'm also trying to work on a new campaign setting, but I won't write much on that now.

Now if I can just write them...

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Aedonis said...

Wow! 13,000 words is a great start!
I'm really impressed!

I can empathize with the writer's block. I haven't written a blamed word in months.

Still, I know there's hope for both of us. My friend in Auburn has been working on his book since before I met him over three years ago. He now has around 500,000 words on paper and he did that one sentence at a time.

Let me know when you finish anything new. And if you need an editor... :)

- Richard