Sunday, January 28, 2007

Local News

I've tried to keep quiet about this, but I don't think I can handle it any longer.

Why is it that reporters cannot write? I don't even mean gripping, flowery or amazingly good pieces, but pieces with complete thoughts and proper grammar? Or even one without a constant point of view shift, without any explanation as to who the writer is? Gahhh! And we won't even get into how unintelligent and uninformed most of their articles are.

I have started checking the local news site for WHNT-TV every couple of days to see what is going on in Huntsville. It's a habit I picked up when a school bus from my old high school flipped off the interstate overpass on November 20th. WHNT actually seems like it might be the most poorly written of the sites, but it doesn't disgust me as much with its content. News Channel 48, if I recall correctly, refused the requests of many members of the city to cease covering the story when Fred Phelps and his cult came to Huntsville to tarnish the funerals of the girls killed in the bus accident. All that man wants is attention, and that is what the news channel was giving him. Also, either Channel 48 or Channel 31 posted a story shortly after the bus accident titled "SUV Flips Off Of I-565" and it turns out that an SUV rolled off the grounded part of 565 somewhere over the mountain, not an overpass. They were being blatantly sensationalist and trying to continue to get ratings off of the bus wreck, and it disgusted me.

Anyway, there was a small movie made in Huntsville called Constellation and they had the premiere here earlier today, and here is the article covering it.

Look at it, and weep for the state of our news reporting. And the spelling of average Americans. I was going to pick it apart, but I'm not sure it's worth wasting my time on.

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