Monday, January 8, 2007

Princess Pale

Wait for me, my princess pale
Wait for me in your false sanctuary
Cower within night’s concealing veil
My caged and broken albino canary.

Wait for me, quivering princess pale
I will come when the sunlight dies
Thirsting in the black for your fearful wail
And reveling in your nightly cries

You belong to me, my sweet princess white
With your raven locks and aphrodisiac tears
Your anguish and hate is my delight
Forever will I feed on your midnight fears

Each cry for mercy and every scream
Catalysts my mania, princess white
You are my release in this darkened dream
Though I wield a shining sword I am no knight

Princess pale, princess pale
Open your eyes and look at me
Beautiful princess, so small and frail
Of vice and pain, we shall never be free

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